Iztech without Barriers is located in the Department of Health, Culture and Sports building.

Application to IzTech without Barriers is on a voluntary basis. One-on-one meetings are held with students who wish to apply, and these meetings are private and confidential. Support is provided in like with the requests and requirements of applicants.

Areas of Support

  • Organizing and improving living spaces on campus to eliminate obstacles
  • Establishing a suitable education environment for students
  • Connecting students to scholarship opportunities
  • Supporting adaptation to social life
  • Arranging awareness trainings about disabilities
  • Improving transportation opportunities
  • Providing counseling and psychological services
  • IzTech students who feel their disabilities inhibit them from participation in educaitonal, social or cultural activities may contuct us be phone or e-mail. Creating an accepting university that embraces all members requires the involvement of all.  We welcome all students, disabled or not, to visit our department.