The Izmir Institute of Technology offers meal stipends to students with insufficient financial resources. The number of students who can receive the meal stipend is determined by the IzTech Meal Stipend Commission based on the proposal of the HCS Department. IzTech meal stipend application informationis published in the announecements of the IzTech homepage at the beginning of each academic year. Students who wish to recieve the IzTech meal stipend must complete the “IzTech meal Stipend Application Form” found in the application announcement. The application period lasts 15 days. After applications are recieved, stipend candidates and required documents are announced. Required documents must be submitted to the HCS Department by the deadline announced. Candidates awarded stipends are announced in the announcements of the IzTech homepage. These students can use their stipends within the academic year and summer school.

The following documents must be submitted by students who wish to apply for the meal stipend:

1.Documentation of income of mother, father, and employed siblings

Certified payroll of public or private sector employees

Document indicating salary status of retired workers

Photocopy of tax form for self-employed workers

Documents indicating that there is no pension fund for self-employed workers, SSK, or retirement funds

2.If the mother or father are not working, document indicating that they have no income

3.Education certificate of siblings

4.Birth Certificate

5.ertification of chronic disease, if any

6.Copy of the lease for those who rent housing