Psychological counseling focuses on emotions and solutions to emotional problems. The main purpose of counseling is to contribute to personal growth by helping individuals develop their decision-making and problem-solving skills.

During sessions, professional counselors systematically identify and evaluate issues, help set and achieve goals to alter harmful thoughts, emotions or behaviors, generate emotional and mental self-awareness, and promote problem-solving skills.

Who may benefit from psychological counseling?

  • Individuals who want to know themselves better
  • Those who want to improve their relationships with friends or family
  • Those who have difficulty coping with loneliness or shyness
  • Students who want to increase self-confidence and students with assertiveness issues
  • People who have difficulty expressing emotions effectively
  • Those who cannot cope with stress and anxiety
  • Academically struggling students who have problems with exams and grades
  • Those who want to establish careers
  • Those who have decision-making difficulties
  • All students who are new to the school and have difficulty adapting.

Guidance Services

Guidance is the process of helping individuals know themselves and their environments. Guidance helps individuals understand themselves, recognize opportunities around them, and reach self-fulfillment by making the right decisions. Guidance services provide information and resources to raise awareness. Clients can learn about:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Stress, depression, anger, and ways of coping with them
  • Effective and efficient study techniques
  • Effective and efficient time-management skills
  • Attantion deficit disorder and its effects on quality of life
  • Addiction

Basic Principles of Psychological Counseling

  • Sessions are conducted with client’s voluntary consent.
  • Durins sessions, absolute respect and understanding are shown to clients.
  • Sessions are based on the establishment of a solid relationship built on mutual trust and cooperation.
  • Confidentiality principles are essential. Everything shared and experienced during sessions is kept completely confidention. The information of the client is not shared with any institution of person without the client’s consent.
  • Sessions are systematic and professional.
  • Treatment with medication is not included in psychological counseling services.
  • Individual sessions usually last about 50 minutes and are conducted once a week, depending on the requests and needs of clients
  • Session times are determined by appointments based on the convenience of the client and counseler.

 I Want to make an appoinment

To benefit from psychological counseling and guidance services, you need to make an appointment.

To make an appointment;

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