At the beginning of each academic year, scholarships are provided to students based on a quota set by the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK). The HCS Department handles KYK Scholarship procedures. The KYK Scholarship application announcement is published in the announcements section of the IzTech homepage at the beginning of each academic year. Students who wish to receive a KYK Scholarship must complete the “KYK Scholarship Application Form” by the specified deadline. After applications are received, scholarship candidates and required documents are announced. Candidates must attend an interview with these documents by the deadline. The list of students deemed eligible to receive scholarships by the Credit and Hostels Institution Scholarship Assessment Commission is published in the announcements section of the IzTech homepage.

The following documents are required for students who will be interviewed for the Credit and Hostels Institution Scholarship:

1.Certificate of identity register copy

2.Family’s certificate of residence

3.GPA (1st and 2nd semester transcripts)

4.Documentation of income of mother, father, and employed siblings. If mother or father is not employed, document certifying that they have no income.

Certified payroll of public or private sector employees

Document indicating salary status of retired workers

Photocopy of tax form for self-employed workers

Documents indicating that there is no pension fund for self-employed workers, SSK, or retirement funds

5.Education certificate of siblings

6.Certification of chronic health problem, if any

7.Copy of the lease for those who rent housing

8.1 passport size photo